Exercise Napanee Spring Flood 21 April 2012

This is the ARES Warning Order for the exercise.


The level of the Napanee River has been rising and expected to
peak on Sunday 22 April.  Water has been encroaching on
neighbourhoods near the river above the dam.

The Town of Greater Napanee declared a Municipal Emergency at
1100 on Tuesday 17 April.  The incident commander is Terry
Gervais, the Fire Chief. A mobile Incident Command post is
established on the West side of the river above the railway
line. Communications for the ICP are by Fire Department radio,
linked to  telephone through the dispatcher at the Fire Hall at
66 Advance Avenue.

Rebecca Murphy, the Community Emergency Preparedness
Coordinator, has activated the Emergency Operations Centre at 45
Commercial Court and the Incident Command Chief of Logistics,
Matt Dwight, is coordinating support from there. The Control
Group will be meeting there twice a day.

Social Services has established a shelter at the Strathcona
Centre at 66 Advance Avenue and some residents have already been
evacuated there.

Lennox and Addington County General Hospital at 8 Richmond Park
Drive has activated its emergency plan and Terry Herndon is the
Incident Commander for the hospital.

A media information centre has been established at the Town
Hall, 124 John Street, under the Emergency Information Officer,
Bob Riendeau.

Bill Milligan, ARES Loyalist District Emergency Coordinator, has
been asked to be ready to provide emergency communicatons in the
event of a communications failure. The town has already
stabished fully functional Amateur Radio 2-metre stations at the
Emergency Operations Centre, the Fire Hall and the Town Hall,
and the Hospital has done the same.  An antenna and cable lead
will be installed at the Strathcona centre this week.


Hastings, Frontenac, Prince Edward, and Kingston groups will
stand by on one hour's notice from 0800 Wednesday 18 April to
provide emergency communications to Napanee in the event of a
communications failure.


Operators should be prepared to operate two-metre from their
vehicles for 10 hours before relief.  Please fill up your
vehicle gas tanks. If you have two-part RAC message forms please
bring at least 10. A copy is attached. Bring a blank message and
communication log form.  A copy is attached, and is also
available on the Loyalistares.com website.  Bring ARES
identification cards.

Glenn Killam VE3GNA will operate his station in Roblin as
Monitor and Relay on the net control frequency and HF 3.765 and
relay traffic to and from the area of the communications

Frontenac group is requested to provide two HF strike teams, one
of which would operate in Napanee and the other where directed,
on 3.765 mhz.

All mobile operators going to Napanee will report to Staging for
assignment. On receipt of this message, please complete a hard
copy of the ARES Mutual Aid Intake Form, attached. The form is
also available on the Loyalistares.com website. Turn in the
completed form to the Staging Manager.

Staging is at the southeast corner of the Flying J parking lot,
northeast of interchange 579 of Hwy 401 and County Rd 41. The
designated Staging Managers are Art Sinclair VE3SQG and Brian
Williams VA3BRW.  Talk-in to staging will be on 146.520 Mhz
simplex, at which point they will switch to the net control

The Staging managers will give you your assignment and
additional informaton.  Stay on 146.520 until you reach your
assigned site and report your arrival at the site to staging.
Then you report to Net Control on 146.490.

When you are released from duty at your assigned station by Net
Control tune to 146.520 and return to staging.  On
demobilization from Staging the staging Manager will return your
Intake Form to you. Keep it for your records.

The designated net controllers are Larry McGuire VE3LDM and
Kevin Maylin VA3THB. The net control frequency will be 146.490.
The equipment owned by Town of Greater Napanee has been
programmed according to the chart attached. We will use two
other simplex frequencies, 146.55 and 146.58, to pass traffic as
directed by net control.

We expect the net to resemble the diagram attached.

A map of Napanee is attached showing the town station locations.


Bill Milligan VA3WOW Loyalist DEC will command all amateur radio
elements. He will be monitoring the net control frequency and be
in communication with the Staging managers.

Matthew Dwight,
Apr 18, 2012, 5:46 AM
Matthew Dwight,
Apr 18, 2012, 5:46 AM
Matthew Dwight,
Apr 18, 2012, 5:46 AM
Matthew Dwight,
Apr 18, 2012, 5:46 AM
Matthew Dwight,
Apr 18, 2012, 5:46 AM
Matthew Dwight,
Apr 18, 2012, 5:46 AM