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Any forms marked (for discussion) are currently being discussed by the Forms working group. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding these or additional forms please contact Doug VE3ZDG at

Annex A: Relief Operator Briefing Sheet (for discussion)

Description: A form to enter all the required information that is required to pass onto an incoming operator at shift change.

Annex B: ARES Staging Area Control Sheet (for discussion)

Description: The staging area control sheet is used by the staging area manager to maintain information where ARES members have been sent and if they have left the site.

Annex C: Communication & Message Logs (for discussion)

Description: The Communication Log and the Message Log used for Loyalist ARES work. 

Annex D: ARES Mutual Aid Intake Form (for discussion)

Description: The ARES Mutual Intake form is to be filled out by ARES member when checking in with the Staging manager.  This form is used to document an ARES member abilities so that they can be assigned an appropriate position.  This form contains personal information which will be return to the ARES member.

Annex E: Information for Mutual Aid Responder Form (for discussion)

Description: This information is to be provided to each amateur responding to a mutual aid request, at the same time as their mutual aid intake form is received from them. This form is modified version from Seaway/Capital [Eastern Ontario] ARES DMAP Manual.

Annex E - Information For Mutal AID Responder4.doc 

General Radio Message Form (IMS213-R) (for discussion)

Description: This is a new message handling form adhering to the EMO IMS form structure.  This is a modified version of the IMS General Message Message Form IMS213. This form is from Emergency Communications Ontario with a correction to the instruction numbering.